Donate to our Chapter

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All donations made on the Evanston Alumni Chapter (EAC) website will go back to the North Shore community for a great cause. Your donation on our website can go towards our Food & Clothing Drive or Kappa League Program.

Donations made towards the EAC Food & Clothing Drive (which consists of a number of small drives throughout the year) will be used to purchase food, household items (e.g. soap, toothpaste, household cleaner) and/or clothing (e.g. t-shirts, socks, underwear). We work with a community partner (e.g. Family Focus) to determine what is most needed by families at the time of drop-off before purchasing supplies. The Drive provides families in need within the North Shore area much needed supplies and relief.

Donations made towards our Kappa League Program will go to programming, books and other supplies needed to run the Kappa League Program.

You can specify which Chapter cause (Food & Clothing Drive or Kappa League Program) you’d like your donation to go towards.  See the screenshot on the left for how to  specify the cause through our PayPal link.

We also encourage donations to be considered for the Paul W. Caine Foundation. The Foundation provides education and informational activities to increase public awareness of issues affecting the physical, emotional and financial health of the families in our community. Please visit the Paul W. Caine website at to learn more and make your donation.